How Often Should You Shampoo Your Dog?

Don't go overboard when it comes to bathing your pooch.
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When it comes to keeping your dog comfortable, healthy and clean, regular bathing definitely is wise. However, as with anything in life, moderation is key. In the case of doggies, too much cleanliness actually sometimes can be a bad thing, so remember that before you break out the shampoo bottle.


The ASPCA advocates doggie baths roughly once in 3 months. Essentially, several baths annually are necessary, tops. However, during the hot and sweaty summertime, you may want to shampoo your pet a little more often for understandable reasons, particularly if he's outside a lot.

Doggie Shampoo

One rule to remember before shampooing your dog is always to use only doggie-specific shampoos. When at a pet supplies shop, look for a mild product that caters exclusively to your dog's skin and fur needs. Remember, dogs and humans have totally different pH levels. Shampoo made for people can be very aggressive and drying on a doggie's delicate skin, and sometimes can trigger unnecessary and unpleasant itchiness. Consult your veterinarian for appropriate suggestions if you're unsure. If you're uncomfortable with bathing your dog by yourself, also consider taking him to a professional groomer.

Excessive Bathing Risks

The Animal Humane Society urges owners against shampooing their dogs too frequently. In some cases, however, an extra bath may be necessary -- say your little one got icky mud all over his coat during a rainy day outdoor jaunt. However, excessive shampooing not only can give your pet a case of uncomfortable dry skin, it can pull out her coat's very healthy natural oils. Because of this risk, exercise moderation in bathing your pet. Dogs are not humans and, therefore, don't require daily bathing in any way.


When you're bathing your pup, always make sure to rinse out very thoroughly and diligently all remnants of doggie shampoo. Any shampoo left behind on the fur may lead to the buildup of sticky residue all over your pet -- not pleasant at all. Since shampooing a dog is needed only occasionally, there is absolutely no excuse for being slapdash and careless with it, of course! When it comes to your dog's needs, whether it's something you do every day or just once a year, make sure you always give your all, no matter what.