Side Effects of Kennel Cough Inoculation

If he's staying at a boarding kennel, he'll need a current Bordetella vaccination.
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If you plan to board your dog at a kennel while you're on vacation, or if he attends doggy day care or participates in canine sports, he'll likely require a kennel cough vaccine. Formally known as Bordetella, kennel cough resembles a canine cold and is characterized by a honking cough. Potential side effects of a kennel cough vaccine are relatively mild.

Bordetella Vaccination Side Effects

Your dog might receive a Bordetella vaccination by injection or intranasally. While neither form of inoculation provides complete protection, vaccinated dogs usually have milder forms of kennel cough if exposed to the bacteria Bordetella bronchiseptica. Dogs receiving either type of vaccine might experience lethargy, fever or nausea, but these side effects are uncommon. Dogs receiving the intranasal vaccine might sneeze or cough excessively for a few hours afterward. The "localized immunity" the dog receives via the intranasal vaccine appears to offer better protection than the shot.