Socks for Dogs Who Have Trouble on Slippery Floors

A pair of traction socks can help your dog negotiate slick floors.
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Whether you have a new puppy who is struggling to adjust to slippery floors or an elderly canine with hip dysplasia, a wood or tile floor can be difficult for your four-legged friend to navigate. If slippery floors are causing problems for your pup, it’s time to invest in some canine traction socks or boots. With gripping traction pads on the soles of the shoes and socks, these footwear options will put an end to your dogs slippin’ and slidin’.

Woodrow Wear Power Paws

These gripper socks are the perfect solution for sliding paws. The nonslip socks are specifically made to help canines – especially those with hip dysplasia and arthritis – navigate slick floors. They’ll also protect your pup’s paws from outdoor elements, such as snow and ice. Power Paws come in sizes XXSmall to XXXLarge, with a variety of patterns and designs to choose from. Although they aren’t waterproof, the stretchy cotton material makes for a snugger fit on your pup’s paws, and the elastic band at the ankle keeps them snuggly in place. Woodrow Wear Power Paws are available online.

Pet Ego Home Comfort Traction Control Dog Socks

These traction socks are available in seven patterns, including argyle and Mary Janes. The large gripper bottoms provide traction for dogs with mobility issues; they also can be used to prevent your dog from scratching hardwood floors. Pet Ego Home Comfort Traction Control Socks are available online and at PetSmart, and come in sizes small through XXL. Made with a soft nylon/polyester blend, Pet Ego socks are soft and easy to wear. The slight stretch helps the sock mold to your dog’s foot and stays in place with a thick, elastic band at the ankle.

Ruff Wear Barkn Boots Skyliner

Ruff Wear Barkn Boots offers a variety of boot styles for your canine companion. In addition to protecting your dog’s paws from rain or snow, the Skyliner will improve your dog’s mobility on slippery surfaces. Available online, the Skyliner comes in seven different sizes and is made from durable, waterproof materials. The boots feature a large, waterproof, pliable sole that covers the bottom of your dog’s paw. Skyliners have a stretch gaiter and closure strap that keeps the boot in place.

Alternatives to Socks

If your furry friend isn’t willing to rock the footwear, there are a handful of alternatives to traction socks. Create a row of yoga mats, non-slip rug pads or rubber-backed rugs, over the wood or tile floor to provide a path for your pup. Make sure there aren’t any gaps between the rugs or pads so that a constant source of traction is available. It may take a couple days, but before you know it your four-legged friend will be using his special walkway to walk from room to room.