Solid Gold Barking at the Moon Ingredients

This lazy pup may not need "Barking at the Moon" food.
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Solid Gold produces a line of companion pet foods that are high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and gluten- and grain-free. Known as Barking at the Moon, this dry kibble is a good choice for high-energy, performance dogs -- especially those with gluten allergies.

High Protein Content

Adult dogs need about 18 percent protein in their diets. Gluten- and grain-free Barking at the Moon kibble has a 41 percent protein content compared to the 30 percent found in Solid Gold's only other grain- and gluten-free dry food. Not all experts agree on whether dogs can have too much protein in their diet, but Dr. T.J. Dunn says that dogs can safely tolerate a diet with more than 30 percent protein on a dry matter basis. Barking at the Moon kibble contains slightly more fat content (20 percent) than the recommended average of 9 percent to 15 percent.

Protein Sources

In order of content, sources of protein include ocean fish meal, beef, pea protein and dried eggs. While most of these ingredients seem obvious protein sources, pea protein may seem unusual. In fact, field peas, when ground up and de-fatted, are becoming stars in the protein family. The key when noting protein sources in dog food is the quality of the main protein source. Animal tissues contain an important ingredient for dogs' bodies -- amino acids. Dr. Dunn says that there are 22 amino acids at work in a dog's body and 12 of those must be supplied by what a dog eats. Meat contains many more necessary amino acids than grains do, and is easier for dogs to digest.

Other Ingredients

Certain fruits and vegetables are also healthy sources of vitamins and minerals for dogs. The Solid Gold food contains a broad spectrum of fruits, vegetables, various oils to help lubricant joints and maintain healthy skin and coat, and vitamin and mineral supplements for active adult dogs. Some notable ingredients are blueberries, which are high in antioxidants; carrots, which contain vitamin A; and pumpkin meal, which is a great source of fiber.

Product Limitations

Keep in mind this product is designed for highly active adult dogs. Puppies under one year of age require food targeted toward their growing needs. Sedentary and older dogs require foods with a different composition, which may include reduced protein. Before changing foods, consult with a veterinarian to determine if Barking at the Moon is appropriate for your pup. In addition, a vet can assist you with introducing a new type of food into Fido's diet. It's crucial to change diets gradually so avoid gastrointestinal upset.