Sonic Devices to Stop a Dog From Barking

A noisy dog can be an annoyance to the neighborhood.
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Your barking dog can be a source of frustration for you and a source of aggravation for your neighbors. If your training efforts have failed, you might want to try one of the many different sonic devices on the market.

How They Work

A sonic or ultrasonic bark deterrent is a battery-powered device designed to stop a dog from barking. The sound of the dog's bark triggers the device, which emits a high-pitched sound. The dog finds the sound annoying or irritating to its sensitive ears and stops barking. Some devices emit a sound that is only audible to dogs; other devices emit a sound that can be heard by both dogs and humans.


Sonic devices come in several different forms, including small plastic boxes that attach to the dog's collar, and freestanding devices that are placed inside the house or outside in the yard. There must be a direct line of sight between the device and the dog. Shrubbery, trees or furniture will interrupt the signal. Some of these gadgets are decorative and look like birdhouses or other decorations. There are also portable devices you can carry with you to startle strange dogs that might approach you.


Keep in mind that not all dogs respond to a sonic device. Your dog might not find the high-pitched noise objectionable and continue to bark. However, if you are using a device that is also audible to humans, your neighbors might find the sound very objectionable. Be considerate of your neighbors -- and their pets, as well -- when you're trying to curb your dog's barking.


There are two other types of anti-bark collars sold. A citronella collar contains a small canister of citrus-scented spray. The vibration or sound of the dog's bark triggers a spray of citrus scent into the dog's muzzle. Many dogs dislike the citrus smell and will stop barking. There are also shock collars that deliver a mild electric shock to the dog when it barks.