How Soon After Worming a Puppy Will You Notice Worms?

Internal parasites and worms are common among all puppies.
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At any age, a dog can get some type of worm or intestinal parasite, but a large percent of puppies contract worms from their mother at birth. It is important that young puppies receive a dewormer every two weeks when they are between the ages of 2 and 8 weeks old. Older puppies, juveniles and adult dogs should be tested once or twice a year for worms to determine if a dewormer is necessary.

Signs of Worms

Common signs of worms include a pot belly, change in appetite, low energy and butt scooting. You'll know that your puppy has worms, without a doubt, if you see worms in his stool or vomit. If you think your puppy has worms, take him to the vet to be tested to see what type of worm it is so the can receive proper treatment and deworming drugs.

Deworming Drugs

Deworming drugs will kill eggs, larvae and adult worms. You should start to see dead worms and larvae in the puppy's stool in as few as one or two hours after being given the medication, but it can take up to 10 to 12 hours before you see anything. Within two weeks, the stool should no longer contain any worms.