Are Spayed Dogs Less Hyper?

A spayed dog is usually a more serene dog.
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Spaying a female dog not only stops her from being able to get pregnant and mother future litters of puppies, it also puts all heat cycles to a permanent end. When dogs are in heat, it's usually extremely apparent to the people in their lives, from the anxiety to the antsy behavior.

Antsy and Fidgety Actions

One key indication of a female dog in heat is antsy behavior. Female dogs often can't seem to sit still for a mere two seconds while in heat. Their minds always seem to be elsewhere -- and that usually means on getting outside of your house and finding a mate. If a spayed dog seems less hyper and full of boundless energy, it's because she no longer goes into heat and experiences these cycles of fidgety frustration. As a result, spayed dogs don't always get as much exercise as before, which is why maintaining daily fitness routines are so crucial for them.


Dogs who are in heat also tend to be extremely vocal, with everything from persistent barking to whimpering and wailing. This immoderate vocalization isn't a way for dogs to invite play because of hyperactive feelings, but oftentimes a sheer expression of frustration. They're in heat and want to mate, but simply can't at the moment.


Unfixed female dogs might seem like they're full of more hyper energy due to aggression. It's not rare for female pooches to get a little truculent and agitated during their cycles, not only to animals, but also even to their favorite people. Physical fights that arise from rivalries between pairs of female dogs are typical -- oftentimes over males.

Naturally Playful Dogs

Many dogs are naturally highly spirited, playful and jovial creatures, especially when they're still spry and nimble puppies. If this describes your pet, don't expect that to change. Spaying females doesn't transform their basic dispositions, it just stops them from going into heat and having to deal with all of the stresses that the cycles bring along. The sweet dog you love so much is always the same dog you pick up from the clinic. If your dog seems a lot less hyper after going through spaying surgery, however, it's because she's more relaxed now -- cool as a cucumber. Not only does spaying female dogs prevent heat cycles from happening, it also ensures that pregnancy isn't a possibility.