How to Stop a 7-Month-Old Puppy From Barking

Stop the little yapper from barking with the
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Little Fido won't keep quiet. The 7-month-old pup just discovered his bark and shows it off by constantly yapping. The little guy's excessive barking may be out of fear, boredom or hunger or it could be his way of demonstrating how much he missed you while you were gone. Teaching him the "quiet" command will help stop his incessant barking before it becomes habitual.

Choose a word that will be your command for your 7-month-old to stop barking, such as "quiet!" or "silence." Don't pick a negative word or term that is harsh or angry, such as "shut up!"

Mimic the sound or situation that causes your pup to bark, such as loud knocking, a ringing telephone or the front doorbell, or have a stranger enter the room.

Allow your pup to bark three or four times and then say "quiet" in a firm, calm voice. Hold a tasty treat under his nose, which will cause him to stop barking while he sniffs it. Praise him for stopping the barking with a positive affirmation and then allow him to eat the treat. Make sure that you don't reward him while he's still barking, WebMD recommends. Wait a few seconds after he stops yapping before permitting him to consume the treat, so he doesn't mistakenly believe the reward is for barking.

Keep repeating the quiet command whenever your puppy barks. Praise him the moment he stops barking and reward him with a treat. Carry treats with you if you're outside and he barks at pedestrians or other dogs. Your pup will eventually learn through repetition that when he stops barking on command, he'll be rewarded with his favorite food.

Increase gradually the amount of time after he abides by the "quiet" command and giving him a treat. Soon he'll stop barking on command without always needing an immediate reward; just praising or petting him will be enough.


  • Never slap, hit or physically punish your puppy for barking.


  • Never slap, hit or physically punish your puppy for barking.

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