How to Stop a Barking Dog in the Neighborhood

Nobody likes to live near a habitually barking dog. If you have a neighbor whose dog barks excessively and disturbs your sleep or enjoyment of your home, start by approaching your neighbor in a calm and friendly way. Attempt to help the dog's owner find solutions to the barking problem. If the owner is unwilling to make any changes in order to keep the dog quiet, you may need to make a complaint to law enforcement.

Stopping a Neighbor's Dog from Barking

Step 1

Talk to your neighbor. The dog's owner may be unaware the dog is barking or that the barking has disturbed a neighbor. Approach your neighbor kindly and request that he take steps to keep the dog quiet.

Step 2

Offer suggestions to help the dog owner quiet her dog. If you like dogs and have spare time, you could offer to take the dog for evening walks. A well-exercised dog is a quiet dog. Even if you don't have time to spend with the dog yourself, you can suggest that your neighbor consider hiring a dog walker and keeping her dog indoors at night.

Step 3

Call your neighbor's attention to the availability of humane citronella bark collars for dogs. If the above two steps don't result in any improvement in the barking, suggest that your neighbor purchase a citronella bark collar. These collars control barking by spraying a harmless but annoying scent when the dog barks.

Step 4

Make a log of any further barking incidents. Record in your own handwriting when the dog barked, how long it continued barking without a pause, and what if any action the owner took to quiet the dog.

Step 5

Call the appropriate law enforcement agency to report the barking dog. Depending on where you live, you may need to call either Animal Control or the local police department. Show the responding officer your log of the dog's barking.


  • Don't put yourself in danger to confront your neighbor. If you feel threatened, leave the neighbor's property immediately and address the situation through law enforcement.

  • Don't purchase devices that claim to stop neighborhood dogs from barking by using ultrasonic tones. These items punish all dogs in the area when one dog barks.

  • Do not harass your neighbor. Making a rude, threatening phone call or throwing something at a barking dog could land you in hot water. No matter how frustrated you are, there's no excuse for harassment or animal abuse.


  • Consider using a white noise machine and/or earplugs to tune out the barking dog while your neighbor works on behavior modification. Habitually barking dogs don't change their ways overnight, no matter how diligent the owner is in applying the correct training techniques.

  • If your neighbor expresses that she doesn't want her dog or doesn't have time for it, consider helping her find a no-kill animal shelter where she can surrender the dog.

  • To have a good neighbor, be a good neighbor. If you must have an uncomfortable conversation with your neighbor about his barking dog, consider bringing cookies or a bottle of wine as a gesture of neighborly goodwill.

Items You Will Need

  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Telephone