How to Stop Barking With Ultrasonic Devices

If the barking dog is deaf, an ultrasonic device won't be of use.
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If you are dealing with the problem of an incessantly barking dog, an ultrasonic device may be an effective solution. These devices contain built-in sensors that emit a high-pitched sound in response to a nearby barking dog. The noise is highly irritating to canines, but it is no guarantee that it will cause the dog to reduce or stop his barking altogether. Some ultrasonic devices on the market as of 2010 include Bark Stop by Viatek, the Dog Silencer Pro by Good Life and the Indoor Bark Control Ultrasonic Pet Training System by PetSafe.

Step 1

Install the batteries or other power source into the ultrasonic device as per the instruction manual. If it uses an AC power cord, keep any extension cords out of the way of the animal or any steps or walkways.

Step 2

Set the device's frequency to ultrasonic, which is inaudible to humans, if it contains multiple options. If you use a sonic frequency, and the irritating noise reaches your neighbors, you could face a bigger problem than that of the dog barking.

Step 3

Position the device high enough to maintain a clear light-of-sight to the area where the animal is. Any obstructions will lessen the effect. Ensure the device is the proper distance from the dog as per the instruction manual. Turn the device on. According to, reduced barking should be noticed within seven to 14 days. Many dogs require a four- to six-week training period.


  • Ensure the device you purchase is weatherproof if you will be using it outdoors. "Weather-resistant" does not mean "waterproof," so take the necessary precautions.