How to Stop a Dog from Biting on a Bandage

An Elizabethan collar can protect your dog from himself.
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Fido doesn't like the bandage he's wearing because of his injury. It's irritating him, and he's made it his mission to get it off. You might catch him pawing, chewing and biting the bandage. He doesn't know it's there to keep medication in place and to keep his wound dry and protected from dirt and debris. Use simple tactics to keep your furry friend from biting the bandage and potentially worsening his injury.

Consult your veterinarian if your dog suddenly starts biting the bandage. If he was fine wearing it and suddenly starts gnawing and biting at it, it may be a signal that the wound is infected.

Pull a sock over the bandage if it's your dog's paw that's injured. Secure the sock with sticky tape so your pal can't pull it off to get to the bandage.

Create a body wrap from a T-shirt to cover a bandage on your dog's side, stomach or back. Use an infant T-shirt for a toy breed, a child-size T-shirt for a medium dog and an adult-size T-shirt for a large dog. Pull the shirt over your dog's head, and slip his front legs through the armholes. If needed, cut out holes for your dog's tail and back legs. Let the excess material hang, or sew or tape it together for a better fit.

Apply a commercial taste deterrent on your dog's bandage. Your buddy dislikes the taste of the deterrent, and will think twice about biting his bandage. Alternatively, put cayenne pepper or lemon juice on the bandage.

Provide your dog with dog toys to keep his mouth busy. When he starts mouthing his bandage, clap your hands and show him a chew toy or food-stuffed dog toy. When he shows interest in it, praise him. Chew toys and food-stuffed dog toys can keep your furry friend busy and entertained for hours, so he forgets all about biting his bandage.

Put an Elizabethan collar on your dog if other methods aren't effective. Put the collar on during times when you can't supervise your dog. The funnel shape of the collar makes your dog unable to access his bandage, allowing his wound to heal.


  • Always consult a veterinarian before making adjustments to your dog's bandage.


  • Always consult a veterinarian before making adjustments to your dog's bandage.

Items You Will Need

  • Sock
  • Sticky tape
  • T-shirt
  • Commercial taste deterrent
  • Cayenne pepper or lemon juice
  • Dog toys
  • Elizabethan collar