How to Stop Dogs From Playing With One Another

When two dogs play, it is a form of socialization. This is especially true with puppies, which use play as a way to learn boundaries and acceptable animal behavior. Many times, an innocent round of play can escalate into an aggressive biting match. This can leave either of the dogs, or both, injured. It is important to know how to control two or more dogs play sessions so they do not go too far.

Stopping Dogs from Rough Play

Step 1

Slam the door or make any other loud noise. This distracts the dogs and makes it easier for you to separate them without being bitten. You can also distract the dogs by spraying their bodies with a hose if you are outside or opening an umbrella between them.

Step 2

Place your dogs in time out and in separate rooms. If you have dogs that are playing too roughly, place each in a kennel or separate room. In this way, the dogs can calm down before rejoining the family and other dogs.

Step 3

Discourage this type of aggressive playing in your dog by encouraging gentle play. Never play rough games with your dog that encourage biting your arm, leg or any other body part. Instead, play with a soft toy and stop if the dog becomes too aggressive.

Step 4

Talk to your veterinarian about having your dog spayed or neutered. This can help minimize any dominance issues your dog may possess, which can sometimes lead to aggressive play.

Step 5

Do not allow your dog to play in large groups. This can make it difficult to separate the dogs if they begin to play too roughly. Limit the group size to three dogs.


  • Take any dog immediately to the veterinarian if it has sustained an injury due to rough play.

Items You Will Need

  • Hose
  • Umbrella
  • Soft toys