How to Stop a Newborn Puppy from Yelping

Newborn puppies require constant care.
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Typically the mother dog provides all necessary care to her puppies. If a newborn puppy is yelping loudly, it is in distress for some reason -- and the mother dog may not be able to help the puppy herself. In this urgent situation, it is up to human caregivers to assess the problem and provide a rapid solution.

Re-position the yelping puppy so that it is next to its mother and near a nipple. Puppies can be easily pushed aside or become trapped under blankets, and may need help finding their way back to their mother.

Feel the puppy for warmth. If the puppy feels cool, place a warm water bottle wrapped in a clean towel next to the puppy. The puppies should be kept around 80 degrees the first week of life, and around 75 to 80 degrees after that. A household thermometer placed near the puppies will indicate whether the room temperature is warm enough. In cooler climates, a heat lamp can provide extra warmth.

Observe the puppy to see if it is nursing regularly, and getting enough of its mother’s milk. Newborn puppies should eat about every two hours. If their stomachs are rounded and they appear sleepy after a feeding, they have gotten enough milk. If the puppy continues to yelp after being fed, it may not be getting enough to eat. Consult with a veterinarian to learn how to supplement the puppy's feedings.

Examine the puppy for any other problems or signs of illness that could cause distress. Turn on a flashlight to check the puppy’s eyes, ears and nose for discharge or swelling. Open the puppy's mouth and examine its gums to see if they appear pale.

Feel the puppy's limbs and tail for any injuries. Look for signs of bruising or abrasions. Check the area around the puppy for signs of vomit or diarrhea. If the area around the puppy is too clean, the puppy may be having difficulty passing urine or stool.

Place your ear near the puppy and listen to his breathing to see if it sounds labored. Seek urgent medical attention if the puppy has any other symptoms or signs of illness, or if it continues to yelp with no apparent cause.

Items You Will Need

  • Water bottle
  • Towel
  • Thermometer
  • Heat lamp
  • Flashlight