How to Store Dehydrated Sweet Potato Chips for Dog Treats

Store dehydrated sweet potato chips in a way that ensures they will be fresh for your dog to enjoy them safely for up to a year. The dehydration process removes the moisture from the sweet potato slices that would foster mold and bacterial growth. By storing them properly these signs of decay and premature spoilage can be avoided. Protect your food investment and the health of your dog by correctly storing your sweet potato chip dog treats.

Step 1

Pour the sweet potato chips from their original packaging into a clean and dry, glass or thick plastic, air-tight container. Plastic bags and cardboard boxes may already have holes and are often thin enough for rodents and insects to eat through.

Step 2

Seal the container securely and affix an adhesive label or strip of masking tape on the front. Write "Sweet Potato Dog Treats" and an expiration date of one year on the container's label with a dark permanent marker.

Step 3

Place the sealed and labeled container in a cool, dark and dry place until you are ready to give your dog a treat. Always inspect the chips and carefully reseal the jar between every use to monitor and protect your efforts.


  • Many dog treat products are not meant for human consumption. Show everyone that has access to the container's storage area what you have put in the jar and explain its label.

Items You Will Need

  • Glass or thick plastic air-tight container
  • Adhesive label or masking tape
  • Permanent marker