Supplies You'll Need to Groom a Welsh Terrier

Groom a Welsh terrier several times a week.
George Doyle & Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Welsh terriers are hardy dogs with all-weather coats that appear easy to maintain. But if you don't groom regularly, you'll have mats and tangles. A Welshie needs a thorough brushing several times a week to keep his coat in good shape. The coat needs to be trimmed or stripped twice a year, as well, to remove dead hair.

Grooming Tools

Use a slicker brush, a pin brush and a metal greyhound comb on the Welshie coat. The slicker brush helps remove dead hair and mats, while the pin brush helps keep the Welshie's wiry hair manageable. Use a comb to help remove mats or tangles. A pair of short grooming scissors will keep your dog's paws and the hair around his eyes and chin trimmed. Add nail clippers to trim his toenails. Unless you have your dog professionally groomed, you'll need hair clippers or a stripping tool to remove dead hair twice yearly.

Keeping Clean

Bathe your Welsh terrier when he gets dirty with a canine shampoo designed for a wiry coat. Frequent baths can strip the oils from a Welshie coat, so bathe only when needed. Add a soft toothbrush and canine toothpaste to your supplies to brush his teeth weekly.