Symptoms to Watch for From a Dog's Rattesnake Bite

by Chris Miksen

Rattlesnakes and dogs don't mix at all.

Rattlesnake bites aren't always venomous. When they are, you'll likely see your pup show noticeable symptoms. Despite the fact that certain symptoms can indicate a venomous bite, it's best not to wait for symptoms to appear.


A rattlesnake strike will leave one or two puncture wounds in your pup at the site of the bite. Swelling typically happens quickly; you'll likely see blood. Symptoms of a venom-induced bite can include wooziness, rapid panting, decreased breathing, drooling, lethargy, tremors, vomiting and seizures. You may see these signs soon after a bite happens or hours after. Not all bites inject venom.

What to Do

If you see a rattlesnake bite your pooch, do not wait for symptoms to appear. Get him to the vet or an animal hospital immediately, even if you aren't sure the snake was a rattler. If bleeding or swelling occurs, the faster your pup can be treated with antivenin the better are his chances of survival. WebMD advises carrying your dog after he's bitten -- the more energy your pup expends, the faster the venom absorbs into his bloodstream. Keep him calm.

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