How to Sync a SportDOG E-Collar

SportDog makes several e-collars designed for use by sportsman and their canine companions in the field. The owner holds a remote transmitter that sends a signal to the collar. Tones and stimulations received from the e-collar communicate commands from the owner to the dog from a distance of several yards. Despite the variations between e-collar and remote transmitters among the models, the method for syncing the collar to the transmitter is relatively the same for all models.

Step 1

Push and hold the large button on the collar for several seconds to turn the collar off. The light also will turn off. Stop pushing the button.

Step 2

Stand at least three feet away from the collar and hold the remote transmitter. Push and hold the upper button on the remote transmitter. For most models, this is the button with the circular center. For the ProHunter SD-2500, push the orange button. Watch the indicator light on the front of the transmitter and stop holding the button after the light has blinked five times.

Step 3

Turn the collar on by holding the on/off button until the light comes one. The collar should now work with the transmitter.

Step 4

Sync up to three collars with one remote transmitter by turning each collar off one at a time. For the second collar, sync using the same method, but press the lower button on the front of the transmitter for most models, or the middle button for the ProHunter SD-2500. For the third collar, sync using the same method but by pressing the side button for most models, or the third button on the ProHunter SD-2500.


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