Is Taste of the Wild Good Quality Dog Food?

Feel good knowing you're providing high-quality food for your dog.
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Taste of the Wild offers a grain-free, meat-based dog food. The formula was designed to mimic what dogs eat in the wild, so it provides a more natural type of diet than grain-based food does. This goes over well with dogs, because if you know dogs, you know they love to eat meat. Plus, just look at their teeth; they were made for tearing meat apart. Meat is to dogs what carrots are to rabbits, according to Animal Planet.

Above Average

Taste of the Wild offers four kinds of dog food and two kinds of puppy food, all made from roasted meats with supplements of fruits and vegetables. Some meet the high nutritional standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. The DogFoodAdvisor website, edited and created by Dr. Mike Sagman, an authority on reading and interpreting pet food labels, gives Taste of the Wild 4.5 out of 5 stars, the second highest rating. The site rates Taste of the Wild as above-average kibble and highly recommends it.

Quality Ingredients

Take Taste of the Wild Wetlands Formula as an example, and you will find the first ingredient it contains is duck, a quality item. Next come duck meal and chicken meal, meat concentrates that contain 300 percent more protein than fresh duck and chicken, according to DogFoodAdvisor. Egg product is the fourth ingredient; eggs are easy for dogs to digest. The fifth and sixth ingredients are sweet potatoes and peas, both high-fiber carbohydrates. The seventh ingredient is chicken fat, which is high in omega-6 fatty acid and a quality ingredient, according to DogFoodAdvisor.

One Controversial Ingredient

The 13th ingredient in Taste of the Wild Wetlands Formula is a controversial one, tomato pomace, a byproduct that exists after tomatoes are processed. Although tomato pomace might be a good source of fiber, critics say it’s merely filler. But because it’s the 13th ingredient, it is not too significant compared with the list of quality ingredients.

Product Recall

During April and May of 2012, in a widespread recall event, Diamond Pet Foods, maker of Taste of the Wild, recalled batches of this product. There was a potential that the food contained salmonella. Although the affected batches were removed from stores, many people already bought the food. If you bought Taste of the Wild and wish to check its safety, Diamond Pet Foods issued recall information on its website,