How to Teach a Dog to Poo

Take him out shortly after he eats.
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Proper potty training is a necessary step in creating a happy bond between you and your pooch. Teaching him to relieve himself on command allows you to get him to go in just the right spot, rather than him having an accident in the middle of your living room floor. Be patient during training -- he may have accidents -- and make sure everyone in your home is consistent, otherwise Fido just gets confused.

Step 1

Put Fido on a regular feeding schedule. If he feasts from his dish all day, you'll never know when he has to go potty. Feeding him at the exact same times throughout the day lets you know when he might have to relieve himself -- generally about half an hour after he eats.

Step 2

Watch for behavioral cues. Standing near the front door, barking at you and walking in circles let you know that Fido needs to do his business. You'll have to show him where to go right away, before he potties right on your living room rug.

Step 3

Hook Fido's leash to his collar and take him outside. Walk him over to that far area away from your patio where you'd like him to always relieve himself. The potty process isn't always quick. Some canines sniff around for a while and need a little walking around before emptying their bowels.

Step 4

Have a mini "potty party" when he goes -- after he's all finished of course. Get excited, scratch his head and offer him a treat. He'll start figuring out that going party in the corner makes you happy and gets him the attention he craves.

Step 5

Continue taking Fido to the same spot in the yard or same path when you walk. Every time he potties, he's leaving his signature scent. He'll smell where he went before, signalling to his brain that this is where he's supposed to relieve himself.


  • Newborn or orphaned puppies may not be able to relieve themselves on their own. In order to mimic mother's licking that stimulates their fragile bowels, you'll need to rub his hind end with a warm wet cloth.

  • Don't ever yell at your furry friend if he does his business in the house. All you're teaching him is that relieving himself makes you angry and he won't go in front of you when you get outside. He isn't trying to make you mad, he had to go and you weren't there to let him out. The only thing you can do is clean up the mess and catch him ahead of time the next day.

  • If your pooch goes a day or two without having a bowel movement, contact your veterinarian immediately. He may have a blockage that is causing the problem.


  • Potty time is not play time. If he lays down and chews his bone in the grass when he's supposed to be going potty, you won't be successful in your training. Remove his chew toys from that area of the yard and use it strictly for potty training.

  • Make Fido work for his dinner. Pack up his kibble in a bag, take him out on a walk and give him a few pieces when he goes potty. He gets the reward he wants just for doing what he already needs to do -- relieve himself.

  • If you're out walking your canine companion, teach him to sit and stay after he does his business. This gives you ample time to clean up his droppings while he's holding still, rather than trying to pick up the mess while he's tugging at the leash.

Items You Will Need

  • Leash
  • Collar
  • Treats
  • Dog food
  • Plastic bag