Temperament of Huskies

Siberian huskies are bundles of energy and vitality.
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Siberian huskies are powerful sled dogs who hail from the northerly Russian region of their naming. The breed came into existence due to the efforts of the indigenous Chukchi people, who employed them for sledding purposes. Siberian huskies are working pooches, but also often make pleasant family dogs.

Temperament Around Family

These pooches intensely adore the human beings in their lives and are often happy to make their owners happy. Siberian huskies are typically loving, but not to a cloying degree. Not only are they generally sweet, they sometimes even show off their senses of humor. Overall, these majestic canines are jovial, playful and gentle animals at home.

Temperament Around New Faces

Dogs of many breeds can be chary around new faces, but this doesn't usually apply to Siberian huskies at all. Huskies are often more than happy to encounter new people, what with their neighborly, welcoming and warm attitudes toward humans in general. Although these dogs love their families, they also often love other people. They definitely aren't guard dogs -- new people don't make them nervous or uneasy in the slightest.

Temperament Around Other Pets

When Siberian huskies are socialized effectively and used to the idea of other household pets, they generally can live peacefully and happily with them. However, they sometimes can react truculently toward dogs they've never seen before. Because of this, it's crucial always to watch over your husky's meetings with other canines. This attentiveness requirement also applies to their time spent with other animals. Siberian huskies often naturally view tinier animals as prey, so it's vital to monitor these interactions. Otherwise, you might just notice your pet relentlessly chasing after a frightened cat -- and possibly even worse. Be cautious and watchful -- and do not allow dangerous scenarios the opportunity to occur in the first place.

Temperament Around Kids

Siberian huskies usually are good matches for households with children, as long as they are socialized. Although these pooches typically work well with kids, supervision of their interplay is always a must, no exceptions whatsoever.

Other Behaviors

Less savory behaviors that Siberian huskies occasionally partake in include digging, yowling and running around. They also sometimes like to go and explore on their own, which is why fences and gates around their homes are so imperative. Tedium, isolation and insufficient fitness all could trigger these issues, so take note. Barking isn't a particularly prominent pastime for this northern breed.