Ten Ways to Help End Dog Fighting

Rehabilitating the victims of dog fighting is one way to help.
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Organized dog fighting is a blight on society. It increases the amount of aggressive dogs in our neighborhoods and, of course, it is a cruel and barbaric practice that frequently ends in a painful death for the dogs involved. You can help stamp out dog fighting for good in a variety of ways. Whether simply by educating yourself and your family to spot the danger signs, giving money or spreading the word, you can make a real difference.

Learn to Spot the Signs

Those involved in organized dog fighting go to great lengths to conceal their activity, but a trained eye can spot a the signs. Properties with large numbers of breeds used commonly for fighting, such as pit bulls and pit bull types, especially if those dogs have visible scars or injuries, is a warning sign. Similarly, if you ever see a dog on a treadmill in a yard, take a note of the address.

Be Vigilant

Most people deplore dog fighting, so don’t go reporting anyone you see walking two pit bulls, but do keep your eye’s open and trust your instinct. Three pit bulls being walked in the park is not suspicious, but the same dogs being led into a warehouse at night is suspicious.

Alert the Authorities

If you suspect you’ve discovered a dog fighting operation or believe an organised fight is in progress, report it to the police and your local animal welfare organization.

Spread the Word

Use social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, email and any online platform to which you have access, to raise awareness of dog fighting.

Take Precautions

Never leave your dog unattended in public. Dog fighters sometimes steal pet dogs for their own dogs to practice on. It’s unlikely to happen to your dog, but it’s not worth the risk. This is true especially if you suspect dog fighting to be occurring in your neighborhood.

Collect Rawhide and Rubber Playthings

Dogs that have been seized from owners that used them for fighting typically end up in a shelter. You can help these dogs by collecting and donating toys. This will help the staff rehabilitate the dogs and gives them a better chance of being rehomed. This is an indirect, but very worthwhile way of helping.


Numerous charities and voluntary organizations work to combat dog fighting. The Humane Society and ASPCA work to prevent dog fighting. By making even a small donation, you help them continue their good work. Donate to the Humane Society online at Humanesociety.org/donate/ either as a one-off gift or by setting up a regular payment. Donate to the ASPCA at Aspca.org/donate/ with a regular payment or as a one time gift.


Join an animal welfare organization in their campaign efforts by contacting your local radio stations, television stations, church group, schools with campaign literature and media material. The Humane Society offers a $5,000 reward, and they provide free action packs, with posters, brochures and stickers so you can join the campaign.

Educate Children

Volunteer at your local school or church group to talk to young people about dogs and dog fighting.

Volunteer at a Shelter

Give your time to help rehabilitate canine victims of dog fighting.