Testicle Implants in Dogs

For owners who are concerned with a male dog's natural look, implants offer an alternative.
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If your male dog appears to lack self-confidence after being neutered, testicular implants may be the solution. While these implants, known as Neuticles, are strictly a cosmetic procedure, many owners believe that they help a dog deal with the loss of his manhood. For many, testicular implants open the door to neutering.

Reasons for Testicular Implants

Neutering a dog provides various health and behavioral benefits. Unwanted urine marking, humping and aggression often stop. The removal of the testes eliminates the risk of testicular cancer and prostate enlargement, as well as unwanted breeding. Unfortunately, some owners of male dogs opt out of neutering because it takes away from the dog’s natural look. Testicular implants solve that problem, allowing neutering while still maintaining a dog’s manhood.

Surgical Risk

While, in general, testicular implant surgery is safe, every surgical procedure poses some risk. Anesthesia complications can result in death. Post-surgical infections at the surgical site are common, especially with active dogs or when preventing your dog from licking is difficult.

Testicle Options

Testicular implants come in a variety of options and price points. The basic implants are made of polypropylene, a compound made from propylene gas and similar to hard plastic. When implanted, this option looks natural but feels hard and, in many dogs, causes a noise when they sit and the testicles hit the floor. A more natural version offers solid silicone for a natural look and feel. For owners looking for a true natural look and feel, the high-end implants include a scar resistant feature on a life-like organ recreation implant. Prices begin at $119 for a pair for small dogs up to $599 a pair for the ultra Neuticles for large breed dogs.

Choosing Testicle Size

Testicular implants offer a variety of sizes based on dog size and breed. While adding to your dog’s natural manhood may be tempting, it is recommended to use implants the same or slightly smaller than the dog’s natural testicles. Larger sized implants can lead to post-operative swelling and long-term complications and discomfort.