The Best Clippers for a Long Haired Dog Images

For long-haired dogs, great clippers can make a world of difference. Before using any clippers for your long-haired dog, consider using a professional-style clipper, as they tend to be more powerful, safer and convenient than the cheap ones. Since professional clippers provide various accessories, you can choose your preferred cutting blades for your dog’s specific coat type. Dog clippers for a long-haired dog typically feature a cutting blade, which is powered by a motor. Many motors are offered in single- and two-speed models.

Oster A5 Golden Single-Speed Clippers

This professional corded dog clipper includes standard Oster #10 blade, blade oil, cleaning brush, blade guard, extra bush, instructions and spring set. Its powerful rotary motor is capable of creating over 2,000 strokes per minute.

Wahl Star Clipper

Featuring a comfortable ergonomic grip, the Wahl Star Clipper is a safe device that is easy to keep. This Wahl product boasts a powerful and compact clipper with a revolutionary new shape. Its filter is easy to replace, and to prevent accidental dropping this product comes with a safety wrist strap. Wahl Star Clipper is also equipped with a durable storage case and a fine blade.

Andis Super 2-Speed Professional

This Andis product features a two-speed motor that offers extra power and gives smooth clipping. It has a locking switch button that prevents it from inadvertently shutting off. No greasing or oiling of internal parts is required. If your dog has heavy fur and prone to matting, Andis Super 2-Speed Professional Clipper is a good choice.

ConAirPro Moda-Groom II

This two-speed clipper offers a combination of control and power for best cutting results. It features a soft and easy-grip magenta housing and a magnetic rotary motor that is easy to maintain. Its contoured hand piece has soft-touch grips for accurate clipping. ConairPro Moda-Groom II clipper is compatible with ConairPET, Oster, Andis, Wahl and Master Grooming Tools detachable blades.

Geib Excello Cordless Clipper

On a single charge, this super lightweight clipper is operable for 55 to 60 minutes. It offers 5,500 strokes per minute and features a carbon brush motor. Coming in with a 1-¾ blade, two battery packs, charging stand, lubricant, clipper cradle and four guide combs, Geib Excello Cordless Clipper is great for those who are grooming multiple pets.