Is There Anything That Will Remove Dog Odor From Upholstered Furniture?

The more pets you have on your furniture, the more often you will have to clean the furniture if you want to prevent odors.
Janie Airey/Lifesize/Getty Images

Upholstered furniture can lose its appeal when your dog chooses it as his favorite place to sit or sleep. The combination of dirt, dander and fur can cause your fabric to develop a distinctly dog-like aroma. Regular maintenance and cleaning can help keep the dog odor on your furniture to a minimum.

Cleaning Up Accidents

If your dog has an accident on your upholstered furniture, the Humane Society of the United States recommends soaking up as much of the mess as possible with clean paper towels and then rinsing the area thoroughly with clean water. If there is still an odor left behind, HSUS suggests cleaning up the mess using a enzymatic cleaner that has been formulated for pet odor. Enzymatic cleaners work by using naturally existing enzymes to bond to and break up the molecules that cause pet odors, enabling you to simply clean them away. If the odor is still present, HSUS advises purchasing a high quality odor neutralizer and using it as per the product directions.

Preventing Dog Odors

It tends to be easier to prevent dog odors than it is to fix the damage after it has been done. When you go shopping for new upholstered furniture, purchase items that come with stain and odor guard built into the fabric. You should examine the fabric to see if the covers on the cushions and pillows can be removed and washed. It is easier to keep upholstered furniture clean if it can be machine washed. You also may want to consider investing in a washable slip cover to keep your upholstered furniture protected from pets as well as other spills and messes.

Regular Furniture Cleaning

One of the keys to preventing dog odor from taking over your upholstery is making sure you clean your upholstered furniture regularly to keep dirt and dander from building up. Using a vacuum cleaner or stiff bristled brush to remove dirt on a daily basis will prevent odor causing debris from settling into the fabric. If your upholstered furniture has removable cushion covers or a slip cover that can be washed, make it a point to wash them on a regular basis. In the event of a significant pet accident, have your upholstered furniture cushions and pillow covers dry cleaned by a professional.

Other Deodorizers

Activated charcoal can be kept near or under a piece of furniture that has developed a dog odor to help neutralize the smell. You also can air out the furniture by placing it in a well ventilated room or outdoors to air out odors. You also can spray a deodorizing spray on the furniture in between cleanings to help keep odors to a minimum.