Is There a Dog Known as the Bluenose Pit Bull or a Bluenose Bulldog?

A pit bull and a bulldog do not belong to the same breed.
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As with any dog breed, there are different colors that occur within the American Pit Bull Terrier breed. Recently, breed enthusiasts have shown preference towards blue pit bulls and blue nose pit bulls. These dogs are pit bulls that have fur or noses that are a grayish color. According to the American Kennel Club, however, there is no such thing as a blue or blue nose bulldog -- and a bulldog is not the same breed of dog as a pit bull. Bulldogs with fur or noses similar in color to blue pit bulls or blue nose pit bulls are simply classified as "gray."

The Blue Pit Bull

As with all breed colors, the blue coat of a blue pit bull does not make him a separate breed of dog. Instead, he receives his blue coloring from a recessive gene that forms a clump of color pigmentation around the hair shaft and leaves the tip of the hair without color. Without this gene, your pit bull could have a black coat, but because of the gene he appears to be gray or, as breeders say, blue.

The Blue Nose Pit Bull

Red noses were popular some years ago, but now breed enthusiasts are becoming more excited about pit bulls with a gray or charcoal colored nose. Like the blue pit bull, recessive genes are responsible for the coloring in a pit bull's nose, and like a pit bull with a blue coat, this grayish color is called blue. Dogs without the recessive gene causing color dilution would typically have black noses. Often, a blue-coated pit bull will also have a blue nose.

Blue in Bulldogs

The American Kennel Club does not list "blue" as an official color for the bulldog breed, although an AKC bulldog can be classified as "gray" or "gray and white." Some black-nosed bull dogs may have a lighter shade of black that appears to be blue like that of a blue nose pit bull, but like a bulldog with a gray coat, this does not classify it as a blue nose dog. Although the AKC does not officially classify bulldogs as blue, some breeders are attempting to popularize the term by breeding dogs similar in color to blue pit bulls. Bulldogs bred to appear blue will also sport blue noses.

Pit Bull vs. Bulldog

No matter what color dog you bring home, it is important to be able to distinguish a pit bull from a bull dog so that you know which breed is best for you. The most notable difference is that American Pit Bull Terriers are typically much taller than bulldogs and maintain a more athletic build. Bulldogs are also muscular animals, however their build is usually much stockier. Pit bulls are often characterized by a confident and enthusiastic personality, while bulldogs are often described as kind and peaceful.