Is There a Grooming Standard for Cockapoos?

Some breeds have very specific grooming standards unique to them.
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Grooming standards dictate how a specific breed of dog should appear, including details such as coat length and overall appearance. Such grooming requirements are generally enforced only when the dog is being exhibited. Since cockapoos are a mixed breed resulting from the cross of a cocker spaniel and a poodle, there aren’t any grooming requirements for them, though owners may wish to choose a style based on each dog’s coat type and personal preferences.


A cockapoo does not have a specific coat type and may take after either the cocker spaniel or the poodle side of his family. Groups such as the Cockapoo Club of Great Britain suggest that a cockapoo not be groomed to look like a poodle or a cocker spaniel, but instead be trimmed to look uniquely like a cockapoo.


Very curly or wavy coats can be left long and allowed to hang down in loose, curly strands instead of being fluffed as with a poodle. Cockapoos with straight coats typically don’t need clipping, but require regular brushing to prevent mats. Many cockapoo owners choose to leave some or all of a dog’s hair on his face to add to his roguish appeal. As long as he is kept clean and brushed, there is no one right way to groom a cockapoo.