The Best Tick Prevention Methods for Dogs

Ticks like to hide in tall grass.
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Lifestyle determines which method of tick prevention is best for your dog. Factors like where he lives and how frequently he is bathed will make a difference. Solicit your veterinarian's recommendation for the proper preventative medication. In addition to treating your dog, treating his environment can help prevent the spread of ticks.

Factors to Consider

Celebrity dog expert Cesar Millan recommends landscaping as a complement to any tick prevention strategy. Cutting your grass and removing yard waste eliminates the habitats in which ticks hide before they latch onto your dog. All dogs, even in urban environments, need a vet-recommended tick prevention medication, administered regularly, to stop these pests from bothering your dog. In The Huffington Post, veterinarian Donna Solomon recommends asking your vet for advice on what is best for your dog based on his lifestyle. For example, if your dog is bathed at least once every two weeks, he may need a treatment that's specially formulated for water resistance. Similarly, dogs under the age of 8 weeks may not be able to take certain preventative medications. Consult your vet before starting any type of tick prevention regimen.