How to Tie a Top Knot on a Yorkshire Terrier

by Judith Willson

A bow completes a topknot.

Professional groomers sometimes finish off their work on a Yorkshire terrier with a little topknot. If you think this adds to the cuteness of your pet, it shouldn’t take long to replicate the hairstyle at home, bearing in mind that this style is strictly for the short term. Don’t forget to keep a close eye on your dog while the topknot is in. Both the elastic and the bow are choking hazards if he decides he doesn’t actually like a topknot and manages to pull them off.

Step 1

Place your Yorkie on a convenient piece of furniture, such as a sofa, and ask him to lie down. Creating a topknot isn't made easier when the dog is trying to move around.

Step 2

Brush thoroughly through the hair above your dog’s face, ensuring there are no tangles.

Step 3

Separate a section of hair above the eyes with the comb. Obviously, the larger the section, the larger the topknot will be.

Step 4

Twist the section of hair twice near the base.

Step 5

Place the hair elastic over the section. Twist it once to create two loops, a moderately tight one about an inch from the base of the hair section, and a spare one. Pull the spare back over the section and repeat until the elastic is holding the section snugly. This is exactly the same procedure you’d use for making a ponytail in a human’s hair.

Step 6

Clip the bow over the elastic.

Step 7

Remove the topknot by unclipping the bow and either gently pulling out the hair elastic or snipping it away carefully with a pair of scissors. Comb through the hair again to make it look normal.

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