Tips on Removing Dog Hair & Dander From the Air

Pet dander and hair come along with owning pets.
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Pet dander and hair can cause significant troubles for those with allergies. In addition, rogue hair or dander can clog air vents and deposit itself on furniture, becoming quite an annoyance. Containing these allergens involves prevention, and maintenance of both pet and home.

Physical Properties of Allergens

According to the American Lung Association, pet dander is a significant problem due to its physical properties. It is microscopic, light and easily remains suspended in the air, or gets caught on furniture and clothing and can be transferred to other environments. Those severely affected may experience wheezing, coughing, sneezing or even asthma attacks.

Severe Allergies

For those with severe allergies or asthma, being a pet parent to a dog, cat or other fuzzy critter, may not be an option as you will never be able to eliminate pet dander and hair. Certain dog breeds are touted as more hypoallergenic than others, but as dander is made up of skin cells, no breed is dander free.

Cleaning the Air

If allergies are more manageable, regular vacuuming and dusting can go a long way to control accumulation of hair and dander. Air vents should be cleaned regularly as well so allergens are not simply recirculated. An air purifier can help remove dander and hair from the air on a more consistent basis and should be placed in areas that Fido frequents. There are many varieties to choose from and it is important to select a product specifically designed for pet dander.

Start at the Source

Controlling dander and pet hair in your house requires a well-groomed Fido. Bathing Fido on a regular basis with a high-quality emollient shampoo helps to keep skin and coat healthier and well-moisturized -- reducing hair loss and skin sloughing in the air. Now, Fluffy may not appreciate a bath quite as much but he will enjoy a good brushing, which will help trap loose hair and dander. In addition companion animals fed a diet formulated with healthy oils for skin and coat will generally shed less.