Top 10 Puppies That Don't Shed

Low-shedding dogs can be big or small, with varying lengths of hair.
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Puppies are a joy to have in your home but as they grow into adulthood, some dogs can shed a lot. Whether you are allergic to dogs or simply prefer not having to vacuum often, there are low-shedding breeds to suit you. Consider if these puppies would be ideal for your home and family.

Bichon Frise

This fluffy white cloud of a dog is known for his thick, curly coat, which is similar to human hair, often suitable for those with allergies. However, the bichon still needs daily brushing and regular grooming. This small canine is friendly and gets along well with children and other pets.


The short legs and long body of the dachshund are probably why he is often seen in a hot dog costume around Halloween. He has large floppy ears and heartwarming eyes. Though the long-haired breed sheds, dachshunds with short and smooth hair hardly shed at all. He is wary of strangers though devoted and loving to his people, making him a great watchdog. The dachshund is often less tolerant of small children, and is best kept in a calm family with older children.

Shih Tzu

Identified by her long, silky, luxurious hair, the shih tzu is low-shedding even with a double coat. Like the bichon frise, she needs regular brushing and grooming. This happy, energetic dog requires training as do all dogs. Provided you and your family assume the leadership role, she will bond well to her pack.


The Maltese also has silky hair and like the shih tzu her hair can be kept long or short. Her hair, not fur, requires consistent grooming to prevent matting. Her gentle manner is voided only when she must become a fearless watchdog to protect those she loves. Coupled with her delicate body, she should be leashed when outside and placed in homes with older children to avoid being injured by rough play. As is the case with intelligent animals, the Maltese can be a bit stubborn, especially with house training. Consistency and maintaining the alpha dog role will keep her in check.


The Havanese has an unusual double coat; the outer coat is soft and light. His silky, wavy fur can be kept long or short like the Maltese but requires regular grooming. This is a snuggling dog who has a strong love of people, both young and old. The intelligent and welcoming needs constant attention and affection rather than being left alone all day.

Italian Greyhound

This thin dog has such a short coat that he needs only weekly brushing. The Italian greyhound is a devoted companion and enjoys exercise. Some of his behaviors are cat-like in that he prefers naps up off of the floor and dislikes being wet. This delicate dog is unsuitable for young children given that he can be injured in rough play.


Known for his mustache-like hair around the mouth, the schnauzer comes in three sizes, miniature, standard and giant. His wiry overcoat and soft undercoat need grooming but he sheds little, a good choice for allergy sufferers. The schnauzer is an obedient and active family dog who loves the companionship of adults and children.


The poodle comes in toy, miniature and standard sizes and possesses a dense, curly coat much like the bichon frise. She sheds little but requires regular grooming to prevent tangles. The poodle is not snobby, just intelligent. In fact, she is loving and affectionate, bonding to and looking out for her family. The toy poodle is not as fragile as the Italian greyhound but due to her small size, she is unsuitable for rough handling by children.

Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese water dog has two types of coats, both low-shedding. One is long and wavy while the other is short, curly and thick. This medium-sized breed made headlines when President Barack Obama adopted Bo because of his daughter Malia's allergy to dogs. This brave, muscular dog is a strong swimmer, needing lots of exercise. He is both loyal and obedient to his family.


Many terriers are low-shedding, and the Boston, west highland or "westie," and Yorkshire or "Yorkie" are popular terriers. The Boston terrier has a short, smooth coat, loves people and is fairly quiet when not active. The two-layer coat of the westie includes a straight, smooth outer coat over a short, soft inner coat, which needs daily brushing. Her intelligent, energetic and boldness comes from the breeds instinct for hunting. Finally the Yorkie is a small dog with long, silky hair to be brushed each day. He has a social personality and will bond strongly to his family. Though a territorial dog, the Yorkie needs lots of attention rather than being left home alone.