The Best Tough Balls for Chewing by Dogs

Finding a durable ball for your dog is not as hard as you might think.
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Tennis balls are a favorite toy for many pups. Unfortunately, these fuzzy balls don't usually hold up for long with dogs who like to chew. Luckily for you and your pooch, more durable balls are available for long-lasting playing and chewing.

Defining the Best

Defining "best" in a dog toy is an important step. For chewable balls, best means the toy should first play like a ball; you should be able to throw, bounce or float it. As a chew toy, the ball should be durable, yet flexible. Balls that are too hard could break your pup's teeth. Balls that are too flimsy are choking or intestinal blockage hazards. And all toys should be made with nontoxic materials. So, the best tough balls for chewing should be functional, durable and safe.


GoughNuts are among the toughest toys available. GoughNut-brand balls come in two colors: green for normal chewers and black for tougher chewers. The balls bounce and float, which make them great for interactive playing on land and in the water. The balls are red on the inside, which helps you see when it's time to dispose of them when they're worn out. GoughNuts come with replacement guarantees, so it's a no-risk toy purchase for you.

West Paw Jive Ball

American company West Paw Design makes the durable Jive ball in three sizes to accommodate dogs of all sizes. The Jive ball floats and bounces and is safe for the dishwasher. The ball is free of toxic chemicals including phthalates and BPA, so you can rest assured that it's safe for your pup to chew. Like GoughNuts, West Paw Design guarantees the Jive ball and will provide a replacement or refund if your pooch destroys it.

Planet Dog

Planet Dog is a Maine-based company that specializes in nontoxic, durable toys. Planet Dog makes several tough balls; the Diamond Plate balls are the toughest. These 3-inch balls are designed to hold up to strong chewers. Like the Goughnuts and Jive balls, the Diamond Plate balls bounce and float. And like the two previous balls, the Diamond Plate balls come with a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Starmark DuraFoam Ball

Few people would consider a foam ball to be durable, but the Starmark DuraFoam ball is strong enough to stand up to even strong chewers. The ball is available in tennis ball size and in a larger size for bigger dogs. While the DuraFoam ball may not be appropriate for the most voracious chewers, it is a good choice for most dogs.