Do Toy Breed Dogs Require More Attention?

The shih tzu is a common type of toy breed.
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According to Animal Planet, toy dog breeds make great pets for homes with little space available or for novice pet owners. Some toy breeds require special attention such as lots of exercise or frequent grooming, while others have minimal requirements. Although toy breeds can be just as demanding of your time as the next dog, they are loving, intelligent and obedient dogs.

Characteristics of Toy Breed Dogs

Toy breeds are generally loyal and well-behaved dogs who love to be pampered. They enjoy learning and showing off new tricks, as well as spending quality time with their families. Breeds like the Havanese and Cavalier King Charles spaniel do not require a lot of space and get along great with children and other small pets. Although toy dogs are easy to carry around and coddle, it is sometimes important to give them space and independence.

Attention and Care Requirements

According to Animal Hospital of North Asheville, toy dog breeds are bred for companionship. Like other breeds of dogs, toy breeds require your attention for playtime, feeding and grooming. Toy breeds such as the miniature pinscher and shih tzu are lively and energetic, although they do not require as much exercise as working dog breeds. A major benefit of toy breeds is that they eat less than larger dogs and, as a result, produce less waste.