Toy Fox Terrier Colors

Toy fox terriers come in a range of colors, but bright red isn't among them.
John Moore/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Toy fox terriers are small dogs with big, energetic personalities. Like a concentrated version of the smooth fox terrier, these little dogs are fun-loving and vibrant. Though all toy fox terriers have the same shiny and sleek coat, the coloration can vary widely. The American Kennel Club recognizes four main color combinations: tricolor; white, chocolate and tan; white and tan; and white and black.

American Kennel Club Standard

AKC breed standard color combinations for toy fox terriers allow for four combinations of color patterns. Tricolor dogs have black heads with tan markings, and predominately white bodies that may or may not have black spots. White, chocolate and tan dogs have a pattern similar to tricolor, but with a chocolate color replacing black on the head and body. White and tan toy fox terriers have tan heads and mostly white bodies that can have tan spots, while white and black dogs show the same pattern with black replacing tan.

Other Color Variations

Though considered as disqualifications in the show ring, according to the AKC, there can be considerable variation from the standard when it comes to color. Some toy fox terriers may have heads that are more than half white and bodies that are less than half white. Others may have body spots that are a completely different color than their heads. Regardless, toy fox terriers all tend to have color combinations of white and either black, tan or chocolate.