Toys & Snacks for Dogs at Christmas

Make the holidays bright for your furry friend with festive toys and treats.
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Make sure Santa doesn't leave out your best friend this Christmas. For being your faithful companion all year-round, some thoughtful treats and toys are definitely in order for your adorable buddy. While the rest of the family is opening gifts, let Max join in on the fun! Some dogs even like to open their gifts -- especially if it smells like a yummy treat! Above all, the best gift you can give your dog at Christmas and every day is a loving and forever home.

"Candy-Cane" Bone

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without the beloved, classic candy cane. Since eating a candy cane is not in your furry friend's best interest (although he would probably love to get his paws on one), a rawhide bone shaped as a candy cane is an ideal and fun alternative. Santa might even consider putting this in Max's stocking. After all, all dogs are good dogs and no dog on Santa's list deserves coal!

Treat Puzzle Toy

Dogs need mental stimulation and fun things to do throughout the day or they will get bored. This boredom could eventually manifest itself into getting into a bit of doggie trouble by, for example, shredding up all the wrapping paper Lucy can get her cute little paws on. Instead of leaving her bored, consider adding a puzzle toy to her list of Christmas gifts. Adding a few treats to the toy will keep her busy for a while and give her a reward when she manages to "win" her hard-earned treats.

"Gingerbread" Dog Biscuits

Whether you go to a bakery for holiday goodies or you decide to do some holiday baking in your own kitchen, don't leave that furry guy in your life out! Mixing up a batch of dog treats and using gingerbread or Christmas cookie cutters before baking makes for a festive and delicious (for Max, anyway) treat. Dog bakeries also have festive holiday dog biscuits around Christmas if you don't have time to mix up your own.

Holiday Squeakie Toy

Squeak! This sound is such a joyful sound to many dogs when they're holding a squeak toy in their mouth and carrying it around ever so proudly. Presenting your dog with a squeakie toy will most likely have her carrying it around the house and squeaking away to her heart's delight. The fact that it could be in the form of a stuffed snowman, Santa or Rudolph is the icing on the cake for human friends.