How to Track a Microchip Dog Number

A vet has to scan the dog with a microchip reader to find the number.
George Doyle & Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Microchips play an invaluable role in reuniting lost pets with owners. This tiny chip is no larger than grain of rice, yet it can identify who a lost pooch belongs to. If you find a dog who appears to be lost, take him to a vet. The vet can scan the dog and find the microchip serial number. This is the only way to find the microchip number. However, you still need to search for the owner.

Microchip Registries

When you have your pup microchipped, you still need to register the microchip with a registry and supply your name and contact details. The chip does not contain these. Your vet probably will assist you with this, and you should keep details of the microchip number along with his vaccination details. There are a number of registries, which would make tracking a lost difficult, if not for the American Animal Hospital Association search facility, which can check through registries across the U.S.

Searching the Registers

The AAHA is an independent organization with no affiliations to particular pet microchip producers. Microchip registers that participate in the AAHA allow it to search their databases. It is worth checking that your pet's microchip register is an AAHA scheme member. To track a microchip, simply enter the microchip number in the box provided at the AAHA pet microchip lookup web page and enter the name of the registry, if you know it.