How to Train a Puppy to Catch a Frisbee

by Bethney Foster

Most puppies can learn to catch a Frisbee with relative ease. It's an exciting game, a bonding activity with their humans, and the chance to run and play -- all good ways to have fun from a puppy's perspective. Make Frisbee a fun game for your puppy by keeping training sessions short and positive. Teach your puppy to catch the Frisbee through rewards and praise, and never punish a puppy because he fails to do what you ask in a training session.

Step 1

Choose a Frisbee that has a rounded, soft edge and is not too heavy.

Step 2

Turn the Frisbee upside-down and use it as your puppy's food bowl for a few days.

Step 3

Sit on the floor and roll the Frisbee while your puppy watches.

Step 4

Encourage your puppy to follow the Frisbee, offering praise when he does.

Step 5

Ask the puppy to bring the Frisbee back to you, calling him by name. This part of the training might take several days or even weeks, depending upon the age of your puppy. When the puppy does bring the Frisbee to you, give him lots or praise and a treat.

Step 6

Take your puppy outside on a long training leash once he has consistently brought the Frisbee back during indoor sessions.

Step 7

Throw the Frisbee up -- so that it will descend slowly -- and never throw it directly at the puppy. Begin by throwing the Frisbee short distances only, and give your puppy this command: "Catch."

Step 8

Give the puppy lots of praise and a treat if he catches the Frisbee. If he doesn't catch it, try again.

Step 9

Continue throwing greater distances as your puppy learns to catch the Frisbee.

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