How to Train a Samoyed

Samoyeds are working dogs that originated in Russia. These dogs are bred today to herd, pull sleds, and as watch dogs for homes and families. A Samoyed is characterized by a long, luxurious coat that is generally white, yellow, or cream in color. These are bright, energetic, and hardy dogs that must be trained from an early age to ensure they do not let their naturally precocious natures get the best of them.

Start at a very early age. Samoyeds, or Sammys, are highly intelligent animals who respond well to consistency and firmness.

Take the role of the alpha, or pack leader, right away. For instance, if you do not want your Samoyed on the furniture, make sure to consistently never allow him to lay on the couch or your bed, or else the dog will see itself as higher in the pack than you, and will not respond to your authority.

Give your Samoyed a job. Samoyeds are working dogs and can become bored and restless if left with no activity. Jobs for your Samoyed could include pulling a cart or a sled. This activity will give the dog self-confidence, which will aid in his overall health.

Exercise your Samoyed daily. These are very high energy dogs that will channel any unused energy into naughty behavior, such as chewing.

Give any verbal commands, such as sit, stay, or lie down, with an enthusiastic and happy tone.

Praise your Samoyed after correctly performing a task. These dogs crave attention from their owners and will respond well to verbal praise.

Offer your dog words of correction such as “no” and “enough” with a firm, low tone if the dog exhibits unacceptable behavior, such as biting, nipping, or unnecessary barking. It is important that your Samoyed understands the different tones used for good and bad behavior.