How to Best Transport Your Post Surgical Dog in the Car

Review the post-op care instructions with your vet thoroughly before leaving the office.
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Whether your dog is recovering from a routine neuter operation, or major invasive surgery, the success of his recovery depends on proper post-operative care. The car ride home is a hazardous event for your recently discharged pet, which is why you should prepare yourself ahead of time.

Secure the Carrier

Even if your pet is lively and energetic, do not allow him to move freely in the car during the trip home after his surgery. Load him into a carrier and gently place him in the car. He should not enter or exit the vehicle on his own as it might put pressure on the surgical wound. Secure the carrier by placing it on the floor where it won't slide around or strap it securely to a seat with safety belts. A passenger can sit next to the carrier and provide extra stability as well as comfort for your pup.

Drive Safely

Once your dog's carrier is safely secured in the vehicle, you should head home directly. Resist the temptation to make quick stops for food or errands. Your only priority is getting your pet home safely. Avoid high-speed roads and rough driving surfaces that might disturb your dog in his carrier. Bring the car to slow stops and accelerate with caution. Even a minor car accident can have fatal consequences for your post-op pet, so stay alert and do not take unnecessary risks.