How to Treat Kennels With Sevin Dust

by Laure Justice

Use Sevin dust around the kennel as part of your flea-fighting plan.

If a serious flea infestation is making you and your dog miserable, your veterinarian might recommend adding a strong pesticide, such as Sevin dust to your flea control plan. Sprinkle a layer of Sevin dust around your pet's kennel, but never directly in your dog's bedding or eating area, to kill fleas and ticks. Maximize the treatment's effectiveness by treating the kennel the same day you treat your pet for fleas and ticks. Make sure your veterinarian confirms the two treatments are compatible.

Step 1

Put on the face mask and rubber gloves to protect yourself from airborne dust when applying Sevin. Also make sure your pets are not exposed to the airborne dust.

Step 2

Open the can's shaker lid and sprinkle the dust in out of the way places, such as runways, sills and ledges where fleas can hide and lay eggs. Use your gloved fingertips to push the dust into cracks.

Step 3

Sprinkle a liberal coat of Sevin dust around the open areas of the kennel and around the perimeter of the kennel. Allow the dust to settle completely before allowing your pets to return to the kennel.

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