What Are the Treatments for Dogs Exposed to Bedbugs?

There's a reason they're not called dog-bed bugs.
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Bedbugs were brought to America with the early colonists. Bedbugs became an afterthought in the mid-1900s as their numbers declined, but these sometimes devastating infestations have been on the rise since the early 2000s. While it may seem plausible that your pooch may add to the bedbug problem, rest assured: your pet can't make the problem worse and won't suffer from the pests like you will.

Bed Bugs and Dogs

Bedbugs are small, reddish-brown, blood-sucking insects, a description they share with many fleas. However, unlike fleas and ticks, bedbugs aren't capable of living on a pet or crawling through their fur. Also, bedbugs prefer human hosts, not dogs, and they feed for a few minutes and then leave their hosts. There is a small possibility that bedbugs could hitchhike on your pooch into a new area, but this, too, is unlikely. Bottom line: Your pooch doesn't need any treatment after bedbug exposure. If you believe a few bedbugs are hitching a ride on him, give him a thorough brushing. If you're worried about his bedding, place his bed in the dryer for one-half hour to kill any lingering bedbug adults and eggs.