What Are the Treatments for a Miscarriage in a Dog?

Miscarriage treatment depends on why the dog lost her fetuses.
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At some point during your dog's two-month pregnancy, she could lose her puppies via miscarriage. Known as spontaneous abortion, signs of miscarriage include vaginal bleeding. If your dog miscarries close to her due date, she could abort the fetuses. Take your dog to the veterinarian immediately for treatment and a diagnosis of why she lost her babies. Inform your vet about your dog's entire breeding history. If possible, bring along the expelled fetuses.

Canine Miscarriage Treatment

Your veterinarian likely will perform an ultrasound on your dog to ensure that there are no viable fetuses still inside, and that any placental and other pregnancy-related tissue was expelled. If all the tissue didn't come out, your dog is vulnerable to serious infection or hemorrhaging. Your vet might administer medications to expel the uterine contents. The vet also will take a blood sample and urinalysis and culture a sample of the dog's vaginal discharge. If your dog's temperature is elevated, indicating possible infection, your vet likely will administer antibiotics. It's possible your dog might have to stay at the veterinary hospital for a couple of days for observation.