Treatments With Sulfur Supplements for Mange in Dogs

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Mange occurs in dogs when tiny mites burrow under the skin in sarcoptic mange, or infect the hair in demodectic, or red mange. Lime sulfur concentrates are available with a prescription from your veterinarian to treat sarcoptic mange after the diagnosis is made through skin scrapings and examined under a microscope. Your itchy pet will be put on a schedule of using the concentrate. He most likely will need a return visit for an additional examination to detect mites. Take your dog to the vet if you notice any hair loss and extreme scratching to get him back to good health.

Lime Sulfur Concentrate

Skin ailments in puppies and dogs generally are treated with a lime sulfur concentrate that includes a formula for use as an antifungal and antiparasitic all in one product. It contains an antiseptic to aid in reducing the itchiness and scratching of your pooch's skin, which is associated with mange. Mange can build thick areas of skin that are flaky and itchy. The keratolytic properties of lime sulfur help to allow the thick skin to flake off naturally, providing relief.

Sarcoptic Mange

A tiny mite that can only be seen under a microscope causes sarcoptic mange. The mites burrow under the skin and cause irritation, most often on the ear tips, chest, belly, elbows and hocks on dogs, but it can become more widespread. This type of mange causes hair loss and thick skin sores. The severe itching may cause infections from scratching if it is not treated quickly. Take your pooch to the vet at the first signs of sarcoptic mange. Because it can spread to other pets and humans, you would not want to contend with this on your skin either.

Treatment Types

Lime sulfur is a concentrate and must be diluted before use in any form. Add the prescribed amount to a gallon of water while wearing gloves and a dust mask. You may want to breathe through your mouth during mixing and applying the product, because it smells like rotten eggs. Apply the product as a dip, a rinse or a spray at the intervals your vet recommends.

Lime Sulfur Warnings

Your best bet in applying lime sulfur to your pet is to use it outdoors in a large metal tub that can be rinsed after use. This product can stain light-colored pets, clothing and cement. Don't be alarmed if your white dog turns slightly yellow after treatments, his normal hair color will return. This product is meant to dry on your pet naturally, without blow-drying him. As it dries, the rotten egg odor will dissipate so your pooch will not smell as if he got into a chicken coop. You may want to put him in a small area to dry, such as a bathroom or laundry room so he doesn't shake or rub on furniture.