What is Tresaderm for Dogs?

Long-eared breeds are more prone to ear infections.
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If your dog suffers from an ear ailment, whether from a fungal or bacterial infection, it's possible your veterinarian will prescribe Tresaderm for treatment. While your vet will prescribe the exact dosage, treatment usually consists of a certain number of drops in your pet's affected ear twice daily. While used primarily for ear inflammation, your vet might also recommend it for other canine lesions.

Tresaderm Ingredients

Manufactured by the animal health company Merial, Tresaderm contains several active ingredients to fight canine ear issues. These include thiabendazole, an anti-fungal to combat fungal infections; neomycin sulfate, an antibacterial useful in combating otitis externa and other bacterial infections, and dexamethasone, an anti-inflammatory offering itch relief.