The Best Types of Dog Beds

Keep Fido out of your bed with a comfy bed that suits his needs.
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Fido needs a nice place to snooze and if you don't want him napping on your couch or bed, you'll need to get him a bed of his own. There are many dog beds available on the market, but the best one for your particular pooch will depend on his sleeping habits, size and health. You'll also want a bed that is both durable and attractive, blending seamlessly into your decor.

Best Type

To determine the best type of bed for your canine companion, monitor his sleeping habits. If he enjoys curling up in a blanket or among your softest pillows, then a nestling or bolster bed is best for him. These types of beds are very soft, with high walls and a soft middle for him to snuggle into, according to the Doctors Foster and Smith website. If your pup likes to stretch out and roll around, a large round or square mattress-like pillow or lounging bed will suit his needs. Of course, size is a major concern, so you'll want to measure Fido's height, width and length to get him a bed in which he'll be comfortable without being cramped.

Special Needs

Not all pups are alike, with many suffering from painful conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia and other joint issues. The best bed for a pup suffering from such conditions is one that provides him with comfortable support and keeps him warm, recommends Vetstreet. Look for beds that contain special orthopedic padding, such as thick, dense memory foam, to provide even support for your pup's painful joints. These foam beds stay dry and retain body heat more than other types of padding, according to WebMD. For added heat, some beds come equipped with a heating pad inside that you can plug in to give Fido some added warmth for his achy joints, especially on chilly nights.

Style and Function

Dog beds come in a variety of styles, from simple round or square cushions to more elaborate furniture-style beds that look like miniature versions of a human sofa, four-poster bed or canopy bed. Others are cot-style beds that don't have any stuffing, just a piece of taut fabric elevated a few inches off the ground. Some cushion-style beds can fit into your pup's crate. The best one for your pup is one that not only will match your decor and color scheme, but also one you can afford. Simple and durable dog beds can cost as little as $20, but more expensive ones can cost up to several thousand dollars, according to House Beautiful magazine.


In general, the best dog beds are made from durable, water-resistant materials, with removable, washable covers you can clean regularly to keep Fido free of fleas and dirt. If your pup likes sleeping on tile floors, he may prefer a bed with a cold surface. Get him a "cooling" bed you can fill with water to keep him comfortable on warm summer days. To reduce your pup's carbon footprint, the best type of bed for him is one made from environmentally friendly recycled materials and natural fabrics. In a pinch, the perfect dog bed for Fido might just be one that you create from a blanket wrapped around a piece of an egg-crate mattress topper, recommends