Types of Furniture for Dogs

A wicker dog bed gives Fredo a place to cool his paws.
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Dog furniture on the market today is widely varied, including stylish and comfy dog beds, crates that double as human furniture and helpful furniture aids like pet stairs. The multitude of consumer choices for pet furniture today means you can give your canine companion some stylish furniture that he can use to relax on, or in, that matches your home's decor.

Dog Beds

From simple to elaborate, dog bed of every shape and size, and of various materials, are available for Fredo to lounge and sleep on, keeping him and his fur off your furniture. Most doggie beds look like giant pillows, but some have frames that make them look more elaborate, often like miniature versions of sofas or four-poster beds. Wicker's a traditional material; wood, wire and plastic are common. Most bed mattresses are made with soft cotton or polyester stuffing. Dog beds designed for giant breeds and senior dogs with joint issues are made with orthopedic mattresses or memory foam. Depending on what your decor is, you can choose a dog bed to complement it in terms of fabric and design.

Dog Crates

Your pup uses his crate as his safe haven to get away from it all and relax, according to the Humane Society of the United States. While some crates are basic cagelike structures made of metal or plastic, others are more decorative. You can find some very stylish crates that function as both furniture for your dog and furniture for you in the form of a coffee table, side table or nightstand. These items look like tables with slats, woodwork or metal mesh on three sides and a door in the front to allow Fredo access inside. Depending on the size and style, prices can range from a modest $20 dollars to $500 or more.

Furniture Aids

Elderly dogs may suffer from painful conditions like arthritis or hip dysplasia, which prevent them from jumping on or off furniture like couches or beds to sit with you. Pet stairs provide Fredo with a way to access these items without straining himself. Consumer pet stairs are typically made of plastic or wood and usually have carpeted surfaces to provide some soft traction for your pooch. Some are collapsible. Another pet aid in the home is the decorative room divider. for pets that you can use to keep your canine companion confined in a certain portion of your home. They're wooden, plastic or metal, some install permanently and others simply secure into place with tension rods; they're portable and storable.


Before purchasing any furniture for your pup, measure and weigh Fredo to get an idea of the size and strength of the crate, bed, stairs or divider you'll need to accommodate him. Choose stairs appropriate in height to the furniture you're trying to help your pooch reach. When introducing new furniture pieces to your pup, reward him with treats and praise for using them instead of your other home furnishings. Purchase or construct furniture for your pup that is sturdy and made with removable, washable fabrics so you can keep beds or crate cushions clean. Many pet stair models also have removable fabric covers that are washable as well.