Types of Little Dog Breeds

Little dogs are often well suited to apartment life.
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If you're interested in welcoming a small canine into your life, you have many exciting options, including toy and non-sporting dog breeds from all over the globe. Though many people appreciate small dogs for their size, the pups also are beloved for their dispositions. Small dogs are diverse not only in cuteness, but also in temperament and behavioral characteristics.

Easygoing Small Dogs

Dogs large and small run the gamut in terms of temperament, although some are more mellow and easy going than others. Small canines who are known for having easygoing dispositions include Japanese chins, Shih Tzus, pugs, Chihuahuas and French bulldogs. If hyper dogs who are constantly on the go aren't exactly your cup of tea, you might want to look into a pet from one of these breeds.

Lively Small Dogs

While some dogs are mellow and tranquil in nature, others are bundles of vitality and vigor. Small dogs who tend to have exuberant and bouncy natures include miniature pinschers, Cairn terriers and Yorkshire terriers. If spirited play sessions at the park and in your backyard are more your speed than cozy evenings in front of the television, then these small breeds might be most suited for you. In general, terriers are usually pretty tireless canines.

Small Dogs Who Love Other Dogs

Some dogs are eager to share in the company of their fellow canines, while others are more like loners -- or they strongly prefer to be around human beings than other dogs. Certain small dog breeds are known to be more social in temperament than others. These breeds include Norfolk terriers, Cavalier King Charles spaniels and Havanese pooches. If you're interested in a friendly small dog who doesn't get too territorial or possessive around other animals, you just might find the canine of your dreams in one of these furry guys.

Fast Learning Small Dogs

Although properly and thoroughly training a dog isn't always the easiest job, it has to be done. Some canines make the process a breeze, though. Small doggie breeds that are known for being training dreams include miniature poodles, papillons and Brussels griffons. Dog training typically involves everything from showing the furry cuties how to fetch to housebreaking them as puppies. Small dogs from these breeds often make those jobs easy, but remember, all dogs are individuals and some might be easier to train than others within these breeds.

Benefits of Little Dogs

When considering what kind of dog to add to your home, become familiar with all the ins and outs of the specific breed. Several advantages exist with dogs from smaller breeds. Tinier dogs tend to lead longer lives. They often can manage in smaller living environments better than larger dogs. Transporting them from one place to another also is often a simpler task, whether your destination is the groomer or the vet.