Types of Organic Dog Food

Read the ingredients to make sure the dog food you choose is actually organic.
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Dog food companies are allowed to advertise all kinds of health claims without actually delivering on those claims. They can easily say their food is healthy, premium, super premium or organic, without using many healthy or organic ingredients at all. A few dog food brands really do use nearly all certified organic ingredients, so your best option is to choose from this list or create your own homemade organic meals for your pet.

Natura Karma

Natura Karma is made by the Natura Pet company and features 95 percent organic ingredients. The main ingredient in Natura Karma is organic chicken unlike most commercial dog food brands who use corn or wheat fillers, or even animal by-products. Natura Karma uses the highest quality organic meats and whole grains, and all of Natura's dog foods are put through 100 quality checks before being shipped out to your pet store

PetGuard LifePath Organic

PetGuard makes a USDA certified organic pet food line that can be fed to your dog from puppy-hood through adult hood. PetGuard's LifePath dog food is free of antibiotics, growth hormones and harmful pesticides and is made with over 95 percent organic ingredients. Although dog foods are never considered "human grade," PetGuard uses all human-grade ingredients. This means each ingredient is fit for human consumption, unlike most commercial companies who use animal by-products as main ingredients.

Castor & Pollux Organix

The Castor & Pollux dog food company makes an organic food line named Organix. The main ingredient in this line of food is free-range, certified organic chicken and nearly every other ingredient is organic. The few non-organic ingredients they use are tested and accepted by an organic certifying agency before being added to the food. The Organix line includes soft and dry foods for every stage of your dog's life from puppy to senior, as well as organic treats for rewarding your pet.

Make Your Own Organic Dog Food

Feeding your dog home-cooked meals is an easy way to ensure that he is eating 100 percent USDA certified organic meals. Homemade dog food meals usually consist of a hearty protein source such as pork or chicken, vegetables and a carbohydrate such as pasta or rice. As long as you buy human-grade, USDA organic meats, carbohydrates and vegetables at your local grocery store, you can always ensure that your dog's meal is organic. If you do decide to make organic homemade meals for your pet, be sure to take your recipes to your veterinarian to ensure they're meeting your pets nutritional needs.