How to Use a Dog Indoor Potty in the Shower

Natural grass is great for pottying, but an indoor dog potty is the next best thing. Images

For most dogs, the great outdoors is a natural place to potty. However, going outside isn’t always a reality for sick or injured animals, or those living in apartments and high-rise condominiums. Indoor dog potty systems were created for these situations, and most will fit in your shower for simple, spill-free cleanup.

Step 1

Pick a shower in the spare or guest bathroom as your dog’s potty spot. Placing the potty in a low-traffic shower eliminates the need to take it down and set it up every time someone needs to shower.

Step 2

Line the bottom of the shower stall with a plastic tarp. The tarp adds an extra line of defense against spills and leaks in the event that the dog tips the potty box over.

Step 3

Place the collection pan in the center of the tarp, and add the plastic tray to the top of the collection pan. Set the imitation grass pad on top of the plastic tray, centering the pad over the drain holes.

Step 4

Spray the top of the grass pad with housebreaking spray. Bring the dog into the shower and let her sniff the pad. Housebreaking spray entices the dog to the pad and encourages her to potty to cover the spray with her own scent. Give her a small treat when she goes potty on the pad.

Step 5

Remove solid waste from the pan immediately, and rinse the grass pad at least once a day. Pour liquid waste down the toilet, and wash the entire box with an enzymatic cleaner. Spray the box inside and out, let the spray sit for five minutes, and rinse with hot water. Dry the box completely before reassembling.


  • Add a couple of housebreaking pads to the top of the tray before installing the grass pad. This provides an extra layer of absorption to the tray to cut down on accidental spills.

Items You Will Need

  • Plastic tarp
  • Dog potty system
  • Housebreaking spray
  • Treats
  • Enzymatic cleaner