How to Use a Dog Whistle to Prevent Bad Behaviors

A dog whistle can help prevent your pet companion's destructive behavior.
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Did you know that your dog's hearing is a lot better than yours? Have you ever wondered why sometimes he seems to be barking for no reason at all? Maybe he's hearing sounds that you can't hear. A dog whistle, for instance, produces an ultrasonic sound that humans can't hear but dogs can. This silent whistle comes in handy when Fido is behaving badly. Just like clapping your hands, stomping your feet, shaking a can of coins or squirting him with water, the high-pitched whistle can stop him in his tracks and get his attention without bothering your neighbors.

Observe your dog closely so you can stop him the moment he starts behaving badly.

Blow the dog whistle as soon as your pet companion starts chewing on an inappropriate item, jumps on the sofa, digs up the yard or displays other undesired behavior. The sound of the whistle hurts his ears so he'll stop whatever he's doing.

Praise your dog for stopping the undesired behavior and let him go about his business, but keep watching him like a hawk.

Blow the whistle again if your dog continues the undesired behavior and praise him when he stops. This time, redirect his attention -- give him a chew toy if he was chewing an inappropriate item, bring him to his pet bed if he was about to lounge on the sofa, or walk him to his digging pit if he was digging in an area that's off-limits.

Throw a party for your pet when he displays good behavior. Hug him and give him treats to reinforce the good behavior. Be consistent and keep using the whistle each time he displays the undesired behavior. Over time, your dog will associate his bad behavior with hearing the unpleasant sound of the whistle and his good behavior with getting hugs and treats. It'll motivate him to keep displaying good behavior.

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