How to Use Roundup Around Dogs

Keeping your grass healthy gives your pups a place to play.
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Managing the health of your lawn is a tricky business when kids or pets are involved. Any chemicals used to treat or protect a garden or yard must be thoroughly vetted for safety. Roundup, a weed-killing consumer product developed by Scotts, can remove pest plants without harming the surrounding plants. If you are planning to use Roundup around your dogs, however, you will want to be aware of when and where you spray.

Step 1

Place your dogs inside and away from the area of lawn you are about to treat. Start with either the front yard or backyard so your dogs will have access to the other, if necessary.

Step 2

Use Roundup by spraying it on the weeds and other troublesome plants in your yard or garden.

Step 3

Leave the Roundup to dry for a few hours. Your dogs can re-enter the yard when the spray is completely dry.

Step 4

Repeat the process in your remaining yard.


  • Roundup, when used according to the directions on the label, poses no serious risk to animals. However, dogs can track wet Roundup from weeds and into plants you did not wish to kill.